GPP Proposal

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How it works

  • Bookings are taken and monies are totalled on a quarterly basis. Requests can be taken via the webform, email request or paper form. All requests require authorisation/confirmation before it is deemed a booking.
  • All bookings can be cancelled at any point up to the point of collection (although prior notice is preferable to allow other requests to be fulfilled.)
  • Donation. The two recipient charities receive 40% of the quarterly take as a straight donation.
  • Buyback. The remaining 20% is then used for buyback of stock.

How does buy back work?

  • Current stock has been part funded by Bobtails, with the remaining costs bourn by Abby and David Matthews. The buy back fund will be used to, effectively, buy the stock from Bobtails /Abby & David until all investments have been repaid. We will repay Bobtails first, then Abby and David.
  • Once all investments have been repaid, the buyback account will become a replenishment fund, to pay for replacements or add to stock as required.
  • If additional stock is required before funds are available in the replenishment fund, we will seek further upfront investment and revert to the buy back model.
  • In the event of a large excess being accrued in the replenishment fund, we will seek to pay additional bonus payments equally between the three recipient charities.

Privacy policy

We collect basic contact details sufficient for the fulfilment of the booking (name, phone, email). This information is collected at point of booking and retained for three months until the quarterly payment is made to the recipient charities.

After this point, all digital (i.e. website entries, emails) and other record are destroyed. Address details are taken upon collection of the booked party packs on a paper form. This is destroyed upon return of all items borrowed, or until such time as the appropriate damage fees are paid/deducted and the booking account is settled.

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