About Girton Party Plates

Amazing food on Girton Party Plates wavy platter
Amazing food on Girton Party Plates wavy platter

Starting in 2020, our aim is simple…to offer reusable tableware for children’s parties in and around Girton.

Too often, children’s parties result in far too much waste. Rather than buy and throw away single use paper/plastic plates and cutlery, we hope to encourage people to borrow reusable plates, bowls, cups and cutlery instead.

We are a social enterprise and will not be taking any profit from this venture. We are doing this to help reduce single use plastic waste and to help raise money for children’s organisations within Girton. Donations are set to a level similar to what you might pay for disposable items, and will cover the cost of replacement stock with the remainder divided equally between two children’s charities/groups based in Girton: Bobtails baby and toddler group and FOGG (Friends of Girton Glebe).

We live in Girton so it is easy to collect the party pack from us.

What do we offer?

Children’s Party Pack

Our basic rainbow colours party pack consists of 6 plastic plates, 6 plastic bowls, 6 plastic cups in assorted colours plus 6 sets of cutlery (knife, fork and spoon). These can be hired for only a £2 donation to these two local charities per set.

We have a total of 6 sets (36 place settings) – please check with us for availability.

Serving set

1 large and 2 medium serving bowls

We also have 2 serving packs available. They each consist of 1 large and 2 medium colourful serving bowls, 5 white wavy-edged rectangular platters and a clear plastic 2 litre water jug and to borrow these we request a £4 donation per pack.

(Please note: both sets can be borrowed together).

Water dispensers

We have a set of two 3 litre drinks dispensers with taps. These are great for little children to help themselves to drinks after some hard partying!

If you are having adults to your party, please let us know – we can also supply white plates and bowls, and wine glasses.

How to book

Simple fill in the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.